Dental Hygienist Position

Great River Dentistry is expanding and we are looking for a dental hygienist to join our team!  Watch our video to learn more.  A job description for the dental hygiene position can be found here.



We will begin to see patients in the office starting the week of May 18th.  We will be re-opening in phases, starting with emergency and urgent care.  As always, we are taking every precaution to keep our patients and staff safe.  We appreciate your patience as we navigate this ever changing situation and look forward to seeing you!  Click here for more information.


Great River Dentistry will be closed from Tuesday, March 17th-Monday, March 30th as per recommendations from the Minnesota Board of Dentistry and the Minnesota Dental Association. Emergency appointments can be arranged by calling our office.

New Team Members!

Great River Dentistry's newest team members. Dental assistants, Isabel and Tatum, and dental therapist, Bailee.

Join us in welcoming Great River Dentistry’s newest team members! We are so excited to have dental assistants, Isabel and Tatum, and dental therapist, Bailee, join the team. Be sure to say “hello” and share a smile with them at your next visit!

Choosing Wisely, a resource for patients

The American Dental Association is collaborating with Choosing Wisely, an initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, in an effort to help patients make educated choices about health care.  In addition to conversations with their dentist, patients can access evidence-based information on the website to help make informed decisions about dental treatment.  Visit or to learn more!

Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Are antibiotics needed before a dental appointment?  Learn more about current recommendations for patients with cardiac conditions and patients with prosthetic joints by clicking here.

GRD at Tiny Tots Expo!

Tiny Tots 2015Thank you to everyone who attended the Tiny Tots Expo at the Boys and Girls Club last weekend!  It was a great morning for kids to learn about teeth (and to visit with the tooth fairy).  To learn more about caring for the teeth of your tiny tot, check out this link for some helpful resources.

Microbeads in the News

Despite their tiny size, microbeads have been getting big attention lately.

Microbeads are tiny non-biodegradable spheres of plastic (polyethylene) that can be found in exfoliating products such as face washes and soaps, but can also be in products such as chewing gum and toothpaste.  People are wondering…are microbeads safe?  The American Dental Association (ADA) evaluates and places a seal of acceptance on approved oral health products.  At this time the ADA seal can be found on toothpastes containing microbeads.

According to a statement made by the ADA “The American Dental Association’s (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs, on an ongoing basis, monitors and evaluates the safety of all ADA Seal-Accepted products.  If the council’s evaluation determines sufficient scientific evidence exists that an ADA Seal Accepted product poses a health risk, the council has the authority to withdraw the Seal from that product.  At this time, clinically relevant dental health studies do not indicate that the Seal should be removed from toothpastes that contain polyethylene microbeads.”

While there is no scientific evidence that indicates these microbeads pose a risk to oral health, the possible environmental impact is worth considering.  Microbeads are so small they can pass through wastewater treatment plants and potentially have adverse effects when entering our lakes and rivers.

To read the entire ADA statement on polyethylene microbeads in toothpaste visit

From Wisdom Comes Vision

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine reported that stem cells from the pulp (nerve) of a patient’s wisdom tooth can be coaxed to turn into the cells of the cornea because they have the same embryonic origin. This would potentially allow a patient to use their own cells to “grow” a transplant to repair damaged corneal cells. Corneal blindness affects millions of people worldwide. The findings were published online February 23, 2015 in STEM CELLS Translational Medicine.

Dry Mouth?

A dry mouth can be annoying, but did you know it also has a significant impact on your oral health?  Find out more about the importance of saliva, causes of dry mouth, and what you can do about dry mouth here.