GRD welcomes digital impressions!

Digital impressions use a scanning wand to quickly capture thousands of photos of the teeth and tissues in your mouth.  A computer combines these photos to create an accurate, virtual replica of your mouth.  This virtual model can then be transferred to a lab to make your crown, bridge, mouthguard, or other appliance.  We are excited to have this technology available for our patients!

Dental Hygienist Position

Great River Dentistry is expanding and we are looking for a dental hygienist to join our team!  Watch our video to learn more.  A job description for the dental hygiene position can be found here.


Choosing Wisely, a resource for patients

The American Dental Association is collaborating with Choosing Wisely, an initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, in an effort to help patients make educated choices about health care.  In addition to conversations with their dentist, patients can access evidence-based information on the website to help make informed decisions about dental treatment.  Visit or to learn more!

Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Are antibiotics needed before a dental appointment?  Learn more about current recommendations for patients with cardiac conditions and patients with prosthetic joints by clicking here.